Help Us Film Our Music Video

Anybody wanna help out with our video shoot for the  upcoming Triptonite single  “Tripping Out in Mexico” next Tuesday? Need camera and lighting most of all, plus extras and make up and shiz. 11am-6pm 2 December. Get in touch with Tomachi on 021 257 6422 if you’re keen to help out.


Currently we need most of all:

  • Camera
  • Lighting
  • Hot Girls

Scene list

Band Playing At Vermont

Do three full run throughs: 1 x wide shot, 1 x kara close ups, 1 x band close ups

“Whole lotta alchohol”

Find some place full of alchohol to help with this

“Any hole would be a goal” Goalpost + Girl

Quick shot with Kara singing the lyric in front of goal post, ideally with hot chicks everywhere


not sure could try visit a few restaurants


Flash up some subliminal weed videos


Flash up some weed sex videos or shoot some ourselves


More of a theme to carry through the clip


Buy some edible mushrooms from the shop and eat them in backwards while singing