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The Old Stone Butter Factory – Friday 13 January 2017

First gig of the year! It is also the exact date of our drummer Tomachi aka Sir Funkalot’s 40th birthday. Man he must be flying with aliens at light speed because he don’t look 40.

– The Triptonites (4 piece psychdelic funk rock)
– Fabrizio Canale (solo singer songwriter harmonica ITALY)
– Tomachi Producer Set (solo electronic soul funk)
– Dixie and her Burlesque dancers in the area funking it up

Only $10 on the door!

*The Triptonites*

…are a band that has fun with funk and ridiculousness. Kara Gordon (fly my pretties) fronts the group of genius musicians. King God (Kara James Gordon), Sir Funkalot (Tomachi Nosnikta), Ben11 (Ben Tapene) and Roscoe (Ross Larsen) are always into a good jam and are looking forward to this summer gig back in the Rei! Let’s party.

*Fabrizio Canale*

Don’t miss Fabrizio! Aside from the usual heavy load of blues renting a suite in our soul we got a new disease: the Country Fever! What can I say: come and see us, for great entertainment and great tunes, such as Fabrizio’s Breakdown and Can Bong Rag.

*Tomachi Producer Set*

Tom is gonna attempt a live show of about 20 to 30 minutes of the fully solo Tomachi DJ set. This is a live drums and vocal performance over backing track / SPD-SX drum machine.


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Thirsty Dog – Friday 17 June

Get ripped tonite with The Triptonites
plus special guests at
The Thirsty Dog
Only $10 on the door from 8pm!
469 K rd

Get ripped tonite with The Triptonites at Thirsty Dog - Friday 17 June
Get ripped tonite with The Triptonites at Thirsty Dog – Friday 17 June

PDF Versions of this poster

Portrait Version: Thirsty Dog F17J Portrait
Weed Version: Thirsty Dog F17J Weed Version
B/W Version: Thirsty Dog F17J BLACKWHITE
Colour Version: Thirsty Dog F17J COLOUR A4

Landscape png of thirsty flyer

Landscape png of thirsty flyer – this time without the ganja leafs


J Day 2016 Auckland – Saturday 7 May

The band will do a short set around 1pm and then another longer set after 3pm-ish

Triptonites at J-Day 2016
Triptonites at J-Day 2016

The last J Day to be held in Albert Park will see local four piece psychedelic funk band The Triptonites nearly burning up on re-entry from sub-orbital warp speed, only to catch fire once more during the madness of this 4:20 sesh-a-thon that is J Day!!

Now you can smoke a giant joint in the park while listening to songs with titles such as: Living life like a trip-tonite, Get ripped tonite with The Triptonites, Tripping out in Mexico, Flying High, Out Of It Guy.

The band will also be playing hits such as Sex With Girls With Tourettes, The Phil Rudd of Funk, Get Inside My Bed, and Get Naked! So get down there on Saturday!

J Day 2016 Auckland
J Day 2016 Auckland

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