I Had Sex With Girls Who Caught Tourette’s

tomachi : July 14, 2016 7:27 pm : Lyrics, Videos

The official music video for song “I Had Sex With Girls Who Caught Tourettes” by The Triptonites. Content may be offensive to everyone. Edited by our drummer Sir Funkalot.

Images Used In The Video

Tourettes - single artwork concept
Tourettes – single artwork concept

I've got f*king Tourettes T Shirt
I’ve got f*king Tourettes T Shirt


Sex With Girls Who Caught Tourette’s by The Triptonites

ISRC: UST8K1578035 APRA: GW46565372

[verse 1]

I had sex with girls who caught tourette’s

They’ll never forget

one thing that they do regret they got tourettes

But they will never forget the way we had sex

I can’t help it that I’m the man I’m the best

[chorus 1]

Yeah that’s what i’m gonna do

Yeah I’m gonna give tourette’s to you

Yeah That’s what I’m gonna do

Going ta have to give tourette’s to you

[verse 2]

I had sex with girls who caught tourette’s

They’ll never forget

The way that we had sex

Cos i’m the best

Well they don’t like it they got tourettes

Well i don’t care

I’m goin’ta have my sex it’s awesome where

[chorus 2]

Yeah that’s what I’m gonna do

Yeah I’m gonna give tourette’s to you

Yeah That’s what I’m gonna do

Going ta have to give tourette’s to you


Then she’s talking whole lotta kinds of dirty things… and i don’t mind at all

[guitar solo over verse]

[chorus 3]

[bass solo w/ spoken word fictional dialogue]

It’s the ninth girl i’ve caught you with this week what the hell am i

Get out of my house

Baby I can explain…. There was only 4 girls, and other girls were just head jobs they mean nothing to me.

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Tourettes Music Video FramgrabTourettes Music Video Framgrab

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Living Life Like A Triptonite Music Video

tomachi : May 27, 2016 1:20 pm : Videos

Stills Used In The Video

1443819650756774 a moment of silenbce big-line-of-coke_o_620136 braindead nap


expanding_universe george-clinton-parliment-funkadelic-birthday-july-22 george-clinton-web germanykisstour_loch high_as_a_kite_by_the_wizard_of_art-d5o0srr im in love with the coco keep calm and party main-qimg-195be784aaaa447c79b602f9c5877be9 party fat man party wonka party-all-the-time-u-s-12_ rick jaems3052055_l2 the street wise show

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We jammed in the front doorway of AKL District Court

tomachi : April 22, 2015 12:11 pm : Videos

Took my generator and self powered speakers down to the courts to show support for Dakta Green and his friends with a guerilla style busking performance. Through some kind of mis-carriage of justice he got 2 years 4 months in jail even though they only had circumstantial evidence, and meanwhile violent criminals run free and reptilians run the country!

Gizi 2 years 2 months imprisonment, Stefan 10 months home detention and 150 hours community service. Gizi and Dakta’s lawyers indicated appeals against the convictions and the sentence would be immediately lodged in the Court of Appeal, but they were refused bail.

Suggestion to the police: Start solving some actual crime. The intoxication instinct is human animal nature.

HTML5 Video of original clip:

Posted by Thestreetwiseshow on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jailhouse Blues – The Triptonites perform guerilla set outside Auckland District Court in support of Dakta Green

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Tourettes with Fractal Animation

tomachi : April 2, 2015 3:01 am : Videos

One of the songs from our upcoming EP. The bursts of static and bleeps are because this mix is not final.


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Youtube Channel and Short URL Created

tomachi : December 10, 2014 3:24 am : Videos

Youtube Channel and Short URL Created

URL above will redirect to our new Youtube Playlist shown below:

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Flying High live @ Butter Factory Whangarei

tomachi : December 3, 2014 12:44 pm : Videos

Shot by Daniel Sung – cheers brudda! From the Saturday 22 November 2014 gig.

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Help Us Film Our Music Video

tomachi : November 25, 2014 6:08 am : Videos

Anybody wanna help out with our video shoot for the  upcoming Triptonite single  “Tripping Out in Mexico” next Tuesday? Need camera and lighting most of all, plus extras and make up and shiz. 11am-6pm 2 December. Get in touch with Tomachi on 021 257 6422 if you’re keen to help out.


Currently we need most of all:

  • Camera
  • Lighting
  • Hot Girls

Scene list

Band Playing At Vermont

Do three full run throughs: 1 x wide shot, 1 x kara close ups, 1 x band close ups

“Whole lotta alchohol”

Find some place full of alchohol to help with this

“Any hole would be a goal” Goalpost + Girl

Quick shot with Kara singing the lyric in front of goal post, ideally with hot chicks everywhere


not sure could try visit a few restaurants


Flash up some subliminal weed videos


Flash up some weed sex videos or shoot some ourselves


More of a theme to carry through the clip


Buy some edible mushrooms from the shop and eat them in backwards while singing

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Triptonites @ The Butter Factory, Whangarei

tomachi : November 19, 2014 12:42 pm : Gigs & Live Shows, Videos

Rising once again from the chemical waste piles of Krypton, comes Kara Gordon, Ben Tapene, Moses Sulusi (filling in on bass for Ross) & Tom Atkinson in the new bands first ever show in Whangarei…

with support from Harvey Knows a Killer!

Guest vocals by Rachel Diamond

Also featuring burlesque performances!

An unmissable show of incomparable talent.

Tickets from the venue.
$15 pre sale
$20 door

8 Butter Factory Ln, Whangarei, 0110
09-430 0044

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Triptonites Recording Preview – Mexico

tomachi : June 27, 2014 3:33 am : Videos

We’ve been busy doing some recording. Here is a sneak peak excerpt and rough mix of our upcoming single “Tripping Out In Mexico”.

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